Helping Local Businesses Succeed Through Optimum Use of Online Content

We show you how to Find, Use and Create Useful Content for your local business.

Marketing a local business especially a resort or hotel can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to social networks
Marketing a local business here in Bohol, especially a resort or hotel can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to social networks like Google+, Google Maps, Facebook, Linkedin and even twitter without knowing the ropes, the Terms Of Service and proper setup you run the risk of getting suspended or even blocked from the social networks and search engines. And who has time to read all of it? We do! Fore the safety and security of all our clients we make sure that we dont “Abuse The TOS” of and networks by following the rules and abiding by the TOS!

1) How to ethically use web content from other websites

Mention the author at the end of an article, video or photo that you grab off the internet. In-fact email them if possible and ask them if you could use their content on your website if you give them credit, most will say yes, some will say no. This also goes for YouTube videos as well (Downloading and Re-uploading Without Permission) including background music that’s copyrighted, BIG NONO.

2)What to do if your not getting any hits on your website

Find a Webmaster! If your not getting traffic, and dont know why, hire a webmaster! A good webmaster can usually help you through straitening out the SEO or Crawl issues you may have for a small fee. Its well worth it. We recommend Bohol Web Design.

3)Using social networks to get the word out about your business

This is the most important part of your SEO and your Immage as far as your business goes. Keep your personal accounts separate from your business accounts, blog and post new content often, or hire a professional social networking company to do the marketing for you..

4)Choosing the proper networks to advertise on and tricks on getting someone interested enough to click

Again, depending on the business you have, its best to consult someone that lives breaths, eats and is a professional at marketing and internet. Hire a webmaster!

5) Dos and Dont’s of Social networking for local business

Blog, share and post your specials, prices, location, contact info, photos and videos.
Spam or post the same thing over and over again with the same content. Change it a little every time to make it unique.
Choose the proper categories in your sharing and posts and use relevant links out that are “ON TOPIC”. In other words, if your blogging about Bohol Tours,
Use link outs, content, titles and tags that a are relevant.
Make the titles or descriptions too long. 60 characters for the title and 160 characters for the description and at least 600 words for the content works well for me.

I hope this helps some folks out there that are struggling to get traffic to their local business website and ultimately sales.
Still need help? Contact us, we would be glad to lend you a hand.

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Bohol Surveillance Cameras, Security Camera Systems

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RFSurveillance and security camera systems of Bohol logoRFSurveillance & security camera systems of Bohol Philippines.

They Provide Bohol Surveillance Cameras, Security Camera Systems and Digital Video for Resorts, Security Camera Systems for Hotels, Security Camera Systems for Banks or any other type of business that needs more security. Offering the most amazing deals on Surveillance Cameras, Security Camera Systems and Video Monitoring Systems.

We offer shielded video audio and heavy duty power cables custom made length for security camera systems and video surveillance systems and will install CCTV Security Systems anywhere in Bohol or Cebu.

RFSurveillance & security camera systems of Bohol offers the latest security camera, CCTV, and video surveillance system technology. Call today at 500-0224.

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RFsurveillance & Security Camera Systems

bizniz address: M.Fuller Ave.Habitat Vill.Bool Dist. Tagbilaran City
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We offer Security Systems Such as:
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Door Access Control System
  • Biometric System
  • Locking hardware
  • Intruder Alarm
  • Fire Alarm
  • Servicing & maintenance