Low travel season here in Bohol

Peak and Low Travel Seasons Here In Bohol

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When is Peak and Low travel season here in Bohol?

During the Peak or High season Bohol will become more crowded with tourists. Travelers need to know that Peak season is normally, November 1st – May 31st as Low Season is June 1st – October 31st here in Bohol.
Low travel season here in Bohol
With the exception of Holy Week, Chinese New Year and Christmas are some of the busiest times to visit Bohol.
Get the whole beach to yourself! And, if your a budget traveler, you will be happy to know you will Save, Save, Save Money and experience a semi-private time to enjoy your vacation with friends, family or your significant other without the crowds.

Some of the key benefits for traveling in Low Season are:

  • Cheaper prices on travel costs, resorts/hotels, tours and in some cases cheaper food and drink prices
  • Hotel rooms are readily available and most offering huge discounts in low season
  • No need to book ahead for transport (E.g. Tricycles, V-Hire, etc)
  • Fewer tourists
  • Cooler Weather
  • Beautiful empty beaches for photo taking

below is a list of resorts and hotels offering up to 50% off on room rates during low season in bohol.
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With that, you are ready for your next Bohol Vacation adventure and will be able to enjoy a better, less expensive vacation in Bohol!
And remember to always have a travel checklist before departing.

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